GenuCom is a strategic IBM services business partner with several consultants who have been on-boarded and approved through the IBM consultant screening process. As a Lab Services partner, IBM asks us to provide insight and expertise on architecture, performance, integration and critical business issues and reaches out to us when they need deeply skilled IBM B2B product experts. Through this relationship, we’ve been asked to play critical roles on high-profile IBM projects, including:

Performance tuning for the world's largest microprocessor company:  Under heavy load, they were able to quickly destabilize a new system under test. We engaged with their team as an expert, helping them generate load and walked them through changes to their system, tuning, and changes in their architecture. We didn't just analyze and recommend, we made the changes and measured the results so that their goals were achieved. 

Performance tuning within an IBM project team roll-out with a major bank:  We used our servers to generate network load across all of their protocols, tuned the system, identified bottlenecks, and repaired and remeasured until the system was operating efficiently. Like many engagements, this involved work at all levels: infrastructure, network, database, OS, software, and BPs. Before go-live, we demonstrated that the system could handle 10 times normal daily volumes and where future scaling points were.

Support for a rescue of a large retailer with stability issues:  We worked with their internal teams to make recommendations, perform micro-benchmarks, and compare with other systems. We walked them through code-level analysis, and made short and long-term recommendations to work with IBM support.

With our Sterling Commerce history, we have long-term relationships with IBM B2B/eCommerce project managers and sales managers which benefits both IBM customers and our clients. We can reach the right people at the right time to ensure questions and issues are dealt with quickly.



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