1.       Copy Media to application server:

2.       Ensure Korn Shell is installed. Need root access

a.       yum install ksh

3.       Install underlying B2Bi compatible nodes

4.       Validate IBM System Requirements for ITX


WTX Installation:

1.       Login with root access (optional in ITX V9.0.0 and up)

2.       Untar

a.       tar -xvf

3.       Navigate to extraction directory and Execute ./DTXINST

a.       Enter Temporary Directory: /tmp (default)

b.       Installation Directory: /opt/ibm/wsdtx  (default)

c.       Select components: all

d.       If logged in as root, will be prompted for user that will own wtx (should be same as SI)


Full Backup:

1.        Take full backup of Sterling Integrator File system and Database


 Sterling Integrator Configuration:   XXX – wtx install directory YYY – SI install directory

1.       Login with sterling integrator system account

2.       Stop SI Node

3.       Modify script XXX/dtx4si/ and update the SI install directory and wtx install directory accordingly to fit your environment




4.       Run XXX/dtx4si/

5.       When Step 4 is complete, Start SI Node

6.       Create new service  WTXMapService

7.       Repeat Step 2 thru 6 for each Secondary Node 

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