System availability and response times: Your business depends on it.

Your systems are critical components of business operations. Performance issues tend to occur at the worst possible times, when systems are stressed during a busy period for your business. Outages, downtimes, and slowdowns can mean lost orders, delayed payments, and lost business. For the last 15 years, we've helped customers rescue their systems, get short-term and long-term plans in place, help customers prepare for busy periods, and have implemented performance engineering rigor in engineering and in customer implementations.

The systems are complex, but we're down to earth.

These environments are complex. There’s a deep stack of technologies: clustering, multi-threading, java virtual machines, operating systems, virtualization, databases, queueing, networking, shared filesystems, java architectures. Bottlenecks and issues can occur at multiple layers and be difficult to pinpoint. AWR reports, I/O stats, java thread dumps, virtual machine usage, OS usage, network traces - where do you look to find the problem? Often you'll find your infrastructure teams pointing to each other since they can't see the entire problem space. With our background and experience, we’re able to interact with your teams in all of these layers, pinpoint issues based on measurements and comparisons with other systems we've worked on, and explain actions in simple, down-to-earth ways. We make the needed changes and we'll make it right.

A passion for performance, used by IBM.

Our company founders have a long history with performance engineering. Paul got his start in supercomputing and high performance computing nearly 25 years ago as an operating system developer working on shared file systems and the networking stack. He and Ehsan bootstrapped and ran the performance engineering team within software engineering at Sterling Commerce during SBI's development. We've instituted performance rigor within engineering, worked with customers on the implementation of their environments, and created and trained services teams.

We're an IBM services business partner. You'll also find us plugged into IBM services teams for architecture and performance for some of the largest, most complex IBM implementations.


How can GenuCom help you to tune and transform your system? Contact us to inquire further about our performance engineering services:



Capacity Planning Budgeting for your hardware use? We'll help you forecast CPU, memory, disk, and network capacity necessary to meet your peak processing requirements for your application and database servers.

Benchmarks & Load Testing                                      

We maintain an external environment that we can plug in and load test your environments; particularly useful for web testing, high volume protocol transfers, and cloud integration. You install the software and run it locally. The benchmarks will help you identify congestion that can result poor system performance and will forecast the transaction handling capacity of your system for loads.
System Health Checks We will review your B2B Integrator instance, the logs, database, business processes, execution error messages to give you a comprehensive report of your system and any threshold violations, and benchmark your results against the extensive library of comparisons that we maintain from other environments. We'll then suggest changes, implement them, and measure the results to ensure systems are performing their best.
Application Tuning
We have in-depth knowledge of various knobs and dials available to speed up your Sterling B2B instance. Our engineers will set up a well-tuned Sterling B2B Integrator instance capable of meeting peak processing needs.
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