Orders, shipments, payments - they are the lifeblood of your business. The modern supply chain uses EDI to get it done.

We do both small-scale and large-scale projects, from trading partner on-boarding to large scale global consolidation and ERP migrations and conversions. You need confidence that your EDI systems are solid and reliable, and that you have access to high quality affordable resources as your systems go through bursts of activity. We help customers in a wide variety of industries with their EDI infrastructure:


-  Logistics
-  Retailers and the Retail Supply chain
-  Global Automotive Suppliers
-  Health Care and Pharmaceutical
-  Banking and Financial Services


How can GenuCom help you with your EDI and B2B needs? Contact us to inquire further about our B2B and EDI transformation services:



Trading Partner
We'll work with you and your trading partners to establish transactions, implementation guides, and communication paths with them through the entire test cycle.
System Consolidation              

To get a better handle on costs, many companies are globally consolidating their solutions. This may happen after an acquisition or through standards changes in the global supply chain. Our experience with ERP and MRP systems (SAP, Oracle E-Business, JD Edwards, Oracle RETEK, and others) and EDI will allow us to ensure your ERP Consolidation and migration is smooth and problem free.We focus on testing; our ability to do comparisons, parallel testing and feeds, and verify your transactions our tools means you'll know the results before you go live.


X12, EDIFACT, ODETTE, XML, JDBC, IDOC, IDF, Flat Files we have resources who can help your map transactions. If you have a large volume of maps, our off-shore resources can provide affordable mapping services, with an eye on quality and accuracy. We have both on-shore resources that with your team, and off-shore resources to lessen your budget.

B2B Communications          

AS2, secure FTP, VAN connections, certificate management how do you get your data to your partners and optimize your costs? We can help you work through those issues; we'll work with network teams to interact data connections that provide secure, cost-effective communications trading partners.

Cloud Integration

Many companies now use Sterling B2B Integrator or other products for their EDI environments know that the same systems that are servicing your EDI are an excellent foundation for cloud integration. They're already integrated with your back-end systems, have technology and middleware components, and have the ability to connect with Salesforce and other cloud-service vendors through SOAP and web services. Let us show you how we're helping companies extend their reach into the cloud existing platforms.

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