Cloud computing is the ability to access third party provided IT services, such as servers, storage, and applications, over the internet. Cloud computing is in its infancy and everyone seems to define it differently. Accessing virtual servers available over the internet, online sales force automation software and everything in between is considered cloud computing depending on who you are talking to.

On the other hand, enterprise application integration software has matured over the past decade. EAI allows for integration of applications and services across an enterprise. As cloud computing becomes pervasive, an oft forgotten aspect of cloud computing is the integration of cloud services with on-premise applications.

The cloud-to-enterprise integration pattern is critical to the success of most enterprise integration and cloud projects. The benefits of cloud solutions cannot be realized until a company’s instance is integrated with its back end ERP system like SAP. If you only have application integration needs today, chances are you will need to integrate with a cloud service in the not too distant future.

As the steward of your organization’s limited IT resources, you need to select a solution that provides both cloud integration and enterprise integration capabilities. Other important features of a best-of-class solution that you’ll want to consider include ease of integration, b2b protocol support, application adapters, technology adapters, and data transformation. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway are highly rated and fully functional solutions that afford both external (cloud) and internal (applications and services) integration capabilities.

Whether you need integration assistance with cloud-based services like Salesforce or LiveSource or a traditional ERP integration like SAP, GenuCom can help. Our experienced architects and engineers have done many cloud and enterprise integration projects. Armed with years of IBM product knowledge, we can quickly help you utilize your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Sterling File Gateway platform for cloud- and enterprise- integration projects.

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